KLN Bible Study: Understanding the 9 Attributes of Salvation: Regeneration

Understanding the 9 Attributes of Salvation

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New Spirit, New Nature

Regeneration is the pivotal point in the process of salvation!


It’s where your nature is actually changed from Sinner to Saint.

Unrighteous to Righteous! Profane to Holy!


A person’s nature is synonymous with the condition of their spirit.


Regeneration is the recreation of your spirit and the releasing of the life of God in you.


Regeneration is the process where your separated and corrupted spirit ceases to exist and in its place a new spirit is instantaneously re-created and re-connected to God.

The Holy Spirit then takes up residence in your new spirit and continues to release the life of God in you.


You’re once more created in the image and likeness of God!  This is what being Regenerated or Born Again means and it’s awesome!


See {Ezekiel 36:26-271st Peter 1:23Titus 3:52nd Peter 1:42nd Corinthians 5:17}

You Must Be Born Again

You are spirit! You are soul! You are body! You cannot be a human being and be anything other than this.


However, the source of your life is God and you’re connected to God through your spirit.

So, the condition of your spirit and it’s connection to God determines the condition of your entire being.


To be born again is to have that spirit-to-God connection re-established and corrected so that the life and nature of God can begin following into you once more.


(For a Full Detailed Explanation of the born again process and the make-up of man see my Christian Bestseller, "Understanding The 3 Levels of Salvation: Spirit, Soul and Body")

Remission Justification
Regeneration Reconciliation
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